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Green Mage

You’re only paranoid if nobody’s out to get you.

Mackenzie’s paranoia hasn’t ebbed, if anything, it’s only gotten worse, and it’s starting to wear thin on her family. Add in a new familiar, and her sister’s sudden rebellion. Tempers ignite.

As a hunter for Catch and Release, Mackenzie doesn’t choose her assignments, they are chosen for her. So, when Lucan has doubts about the security for the upcoming peace summit, he hires Mackenzie to be his deadly arm candy.

But being on Lucan’s arm has an unexpected effect. He’s the Dragon Protector, and she should know better than to get attached, but despite her best effort, her feelings for him spark into something more.

As the summit drags on and things heat up Mackenzie receives a terrifying message and she’s forced to choose: freedom or the life of the person she holds most dear. However, Mackenzie’s choices have deeper consequences, as secrets she has carefully guarded are about to be revealed…

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Storm Clouds



Even better than the first book!

Reviewed in Australia on March 3, 2022

Love these books! Love Mackenzie, and I'm shipping her and Locan so hard - they are definitely up there with my all-time favourite UF couples. Can't wait for the next in series to find out what happens next.

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Great second book

Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2022

This book was really good. Slow burning romance for hotter and the snark was so fun. Ending was a huge cliff hanger but so so good.

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 Filled with action, strong characters and a yummy slow burn romance

Reviewed in Canada on March 20, 2022

I love this author's writing style. Her characters are strong, the dialogue witty and the action is just intense enough that I forgot that I needed to sleep last night and finished it all. The MC's deep loyalty to her chosen family and compassionate nature have me sucked me in. And, the slow-burn romance and cliff-hanger ending have me hankering for book 3. Can't wait to see where the story goes.

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