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Mages gain their powers from one of seven elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal, Spirit, and Balance. 

Certain talents can have many roots. Take Seer's for instance. Some, like Curtis, have their sight rooted in spirit magic. Others - say seer's who use water, or fire as a focus have those respective roots. This is also seen prominently with healers. 

Mage levels - Highest to Lowest

Not counting the Spirits themselves, the highest level of mage is the WARLOCK - there is only ever one at a time, and they possess all seven roots. 

Next are the ELEMENTALS

Elementals anchor magic to the world. Therefore, any ability anyone has ever had that falls within their domain, is theirs to command.

Active power vs. Passive power

An active ability is one that requires the mage's will to use. They actively have to participate in the magic. Take Lucan, his active ability is to emit emotions. He needs to consciously do this.

Passive abilities are the opposite. They require the mage to suppress them. Otherwise, they happen all the time. Take Curtis, his ability to 'see' happens without his participation. 


Here is where I tell you that magic is complicated, especially when combined with human nature. So, what may seem like an active ability, is actually a passive one, and vice versa.  


As the old saying goes: Rules only apply if they're convenient

Then you have MAGES. 

They come in all levels of strength. But what should be noted, is that its not the amount of power you have, it's how you use it. :)

Mages possess both an active, and passive ability. 

Last of all you have HEDGEWITCHES

This class of mage is generally looked down upon because they possess only one ability. An Active OR Passive power. 

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