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Advanced Readers Wanted!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

UPDATE : Thank You to everyone who reached out! Submissions are now closed. I will be contacting the team in the next couple of days. I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks!!!

Greetings all! I am looking for up to 5 people to be advanced readers for Green Shadow - Book 3 in the Mackenzie Green series.

The criteria:

I would like advanced reads to provide me with a few insights.

1. An overall impression of the novel. Eg. did you like it, hate it, are there areas that don't make sense or don't line up with the other books. Etc.

2. Grammar mistakes, if you find them please noted the page and line along with the mistaken word and what you believe the correct change would be. (I suck at this and don't always see the change until someone points it out lol.)

3. A short review about the book, in an email that I can post on my website before the book goes live for promotional purposes.

The book will be sent out in early November, and the turnaround is quick. I'm looking for people who can get it back to me within 14 days. I really want to get it out to the masses as early as possible.

If you are interested, please submit the contact form with any credentials you think would make you a good fit. (Grammar nut, spelling champ, etc...)

Thank you all in advance,


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I just finished the first two books and they were very good. A compelling story, fully developed characters, and excellent world building. I read about 3 books each week from various authors and genres, and I can honestly say that this was one the best series to date this year. Thank you J.S. Kennedy. What is your timeline for the release of the last book?

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