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Green Shadow - Pre-order now available

Thank you so much everyone for sticking it out. Green Shadow, Mackenzie Green Book 3 will be available on December 16th. I simply cannot wait to hear what you all think! Keep your eye on the Green Shadow page for thoughts and reviews from the Advanced readers.

Two paths, one fate.

Lucan now knows who—and what— Mackenzie truly is. She is Terra, the supernatural boogieman whose tales of carnage are used by parents to bring wayward children in line.

But she’s captive, and the longer it takes to free her, the less choice he has – break the bond, or die.

Mackenzie—thrust back into the nightmare of her childhood—learns the awful truth. Her captors have no mercy… and now they know her achilleas heel. Knowledge they’ll use ruthlessly against her in the worst possible way. But as her hope for rescue dwindles, she must use every bit of her wits and skills just to survive. And realizes that, even in darkness, light can be found.

Can Mackenzie hold out long enough for those she loves to free her, or will every passing second bring her closer to crumbling under the weight of a past she can’t outrun.

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