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Mythos Clan

Overseen by the Triad. Who is comprised of the Noblest Dragon, the Wisest Gryphon, and the Strongest Stone shifter.

Made up of shifter who transform into mythical beasts like Dragons, Gryphons, Gargoyles and more. Characterized by the color of their eyes. Dracos, have eyes of gemstone clarity. Gryphos, have eyes of molten metal. Stone have eyes of grey stone.

Dracos Tribe
All have mental magic

Dragons - lithe body's with 4 legs and a pair of wings similar to a bat.

Gryphos Tribe
All have the ability to discern the truth

Drakes - solidly built, they have 4 legs but no wings. Also called earth dragons.
Gryphons - body of a lion. Front legs and head of an eagle. They also have feathered wings. 
Wyverns - Lithe body's, they have 2 rear legs, their front limbs are their wings. They can stand on them where the middle wing joint meets.
Sphinx - Humanoid head with the body of a cat. They have feathered wings.
Chimera - a creature made up of the melding of three separate animals. Historically a lion, a goat, and a serpent.

Stone Tribe
All have the ability to infuse magic into objects.

They do not diversify the same way the other groups do. Instead they value strength. They can present with varying physical looks. Humanoid with wings. Humanoid without wings. Animal with wings.
Forest Scene

Terran Clan

The Alpha of each tribe works together to oversee the safety of the shifters in their care. Alpha's are the most dominant person in the tribe, someone who everyone else naturally defers to.

They have a Beta (the equivialnt to the Mythos Protector) and a Delta (similar to an Enforcer) 


This group consists of and shifter who turns into a canine. Wolves, coyotes, dingo's, wild dogs... etc.

Terran shifter are notable in human for from the sheen the rolls over their eyes when they have heightened emotions. 

Fenris - Green

Felis - Amber

Omni - Changes depending on the beast



This group consist of shifters who turn into some type of cat. Tigers, Lions, cougars, jaguars... etc 

This group consists of and shifter who turns into animals that do not fit into the other two groups. Bears, birds, lizards, aquatic animals...etc.

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