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Green Vampire

Mackenzie thought she could finally breathe after escaping the Governments clutches—but fate has other plans.

After being held captive and tortured for months, Mackenzie is finally home. But her peace is shattered when Master Dagmar asks for her help. Children are still going missing, and the Taskforce created to stop these abductions is hitting road bumps at every turn.

With her powerful mate by her side, she must track down the Rogue, a monster vampire crazed from drinking supernatural blood.

Their hunt leads them to the Warrens, the vampire city below GreenRiver. Where they delve deep into the world of the undead. Together, Lucan and Mackenzie must stop the Rogue before more young lives are lost.

With their relationship still forming, can Lucan and Mackenzie strengthen their bond enough to finally overcome their foe? Or will the trauma of the past be the catalyst that tears them apart?



Green Gryphon

Mackenzie Green Book 1


Catch and Release

Mackenzie Green Prequel Novella​


Green Mage

Mackenzie Green Book 1

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