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Catch and Release - Pre-order up! & Title reveal.

Pre-Order is not up for the latest in the Mackenzie Green series.

This prequel Novella follows a younger Curtis and Chris as they found Catch and Release.

This Novella will be released on September 26th, 2023.

Looking for updated on Mackenzie's next adventure. Check out the updates page. Scroll to the bottom to learn what Book 4's title will be. :)

He can see the future, but can he save it?

Curtis has a rare gift: he can see glimpses of the past, present, and future.

But his visions come with a price: he can’t share them without changing the outcome.

It didn’t matter, until he meets Christine—a fierce mercenary who sparks his interest and is fated to be the heart of the guild he’s trying to build.

But their budding romance is interrupted when a vision reveals a threat to the child of a friend. Now Curtis must gather a group of loyal and skilled fighters who can help him battle the corruption growing in GreenRiver.

Time is running out, and the enemy is not only powerful, but also cunning. Curtis and his Hunters must face the ultimate challenge: to save a child, a city, and to protect a future that only he can see.

Mackenzie Green Book 4 will be titled Green Vampire, Keep an eye on the updates page for more information.

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3 Kommentare

28. Aug. 2023

Excited to read this and looking forward to the next episode of Mackenzie!

Gefällt mir

28. Aug. 2023

I'm in love with this series and can't wait for the next installment!😆

Gefällt mir

28. Aug. 2023

Ya can't wait for this going to be amazing

Gefällt mir
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