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Mackenzie Green's adventures will continue in Book 4

I've had several people contact me now asking if there will be a book 4. Good news, there will be!!!! Book 4 is in draft, and I am currently deciding on the best name before releasing it. More good news! There are actually five books planned in the Mackenzie Green series with Mackenzie as the main character.

I also have ideas for some standalone novels featuring various other characters that I hope you have come to know and love.

Keep your eyes on my Updates page under the My Books tab. I will post up-to-date information as it becomes available.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2023.

JS Kennedy

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22 oct 2023

I has been nearly a decade since I have been this engulfed in a story. simply cannot wait to get my hands on book 4. can we pre-order?

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Contestando a

Not yet! It's in developmental edits and I am hoping for an early spring release. Keep an eye on the Updates page to find the latest information.

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15 oct 2023

I read a chapter or two to my wife every night before bed. We do the awwws when MacKenzie gets tongue tied around Lucan and our heart breaks at all the sadness. We love these books and they have become a part of our life. Keep up the great words JS. Waiting for 4 to show up soon.

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07 jul 2023

I just finished all 3 books in about 5 days. I really hope you pick up the story lines with the rebellion Lucan has started and carry that storyline forward. I felt like it was just left hanging there without and forward momentum!

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15 jun 2023

I’m genuinely so excited, I keep checking back to see the progress! I bet it'll be just as amazing as the others!

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01 jun 2023

Loved these books!! Definitely looking forward to reading the next TWO!! "Green Redemption"? :)

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